Junk Hero is a full service junk removal company. We will remove any unwanted junk that you no longer need.

Junk Hero owners, trucks, and employees are fully licensed and insured.

Yes, Junk Hero also offers demolition services.

Our trucks are equipped with a 20 cubic yard container.

We are a full service company which means we do all the heavy lifting and cleaning, we will have all your unnecessary junk removed before you know it. We have 6 price increments which means you will only pay for the space you take up in the truck, rather than a dumpster which sits on your property and you have to do all the hard work yourself and You still have to pay for the entire dumpster, no matter how much you fill.


Broom, shovel, garbage bags and a trolley or wheelbarrow if needed.

We donated and recycle as much as possible and all the unsalvageable items will be taken to the local dump.

1 day notice would be great but we do offer same day service which requires a 3 hour notice.

  • Household chemicals
  • Paint
  • Hazardous waste
  • Oils

Yes we have a 6 day work schedule, we work Monday – Saturday.